RumCrew Lineup

The Captain

Peter Troup

The mastermind behind this merry band of rum drinking musicians, Peter is known the world over for his skillful ability to guide his vessel into an awaiting port. Peter has become a master of putting his own personal touch on songs, as long-term scurvy has affected his lyrical memory. Beyond the wind and waves and o-by-the ways "the Captain" fronts with the charisma rivaled only by the Pyrat that he claims to be.  While he may not be able to eat a Cheeseburger in Paradise, you might find him sipping on some Pum Runch.  When this Captain is in port, he gets what he needs.

Current Sipping Rum:
-Chairman's Reserve Finest - The Forgotten Casks - St. Lucia 

Current Drink of Choice:
-Rum & Tonic   (Mt. Gay Eclipse & Fever Tree Tonic)


Robert Pendergrass

The Master of tension and release. RobDob has the uncanny ability to massage his instrument into an explosion of notes.  He is never afraid to spread his musical bliss over the whole audience.  He has the smallest unit, but he strokes its neck with precision and strength. Ladies and Gentlemen.......................RobDob 

Current Sipping Rum:
Papa's Pilar 24 Dark Rum

Current Drink of Choice:
Cruzan Estate, Club, & Lime


Adam Boes

The inventor of the Monkey Arms style of drumming, Adam is a master of the Slap & Tickle. Dropping the peoples elbow, Adamo pillages the percussive mastery and divulges into cherry bomb bliss. With a KaPow - Bang - Boom & Crack, Adam lays wood to skin with a sensual, powerful, & rhythmic Slap!!!! Giggidy, Giggidy and a run for the rum, you know Boseee is in for the fun!!!!!!!

Current Sipping Rum:
Bacardi Silver - Neat

Current Drink of Choice:
Former Captain & Diet Connoisseur moved on to RonRico Rum & OJ


Justin Martin

Always begining with a straight out assault on your ear holes, the Great Jutti draws you in to his circle of grawsomeness! Always be on the lookout for his massive entourage as you will soon be engulfed in a labyrinth of notes. His paws of steel have been known to tenderly caress the strings of the guitar and the chords of your heart...... 

Current Sipping Rum:

Current Drink of Choice:

MeeeLayyy (Roadie)

Have You Seen This Man (Boychild)????
A mixer of Boat Drinks and a holder of instruments and sometimes photographer, has been missing since last years Rum Fest.  Some sightings have been reported.  Keep your eyes peeled for this endangered beast! He could be headed to a town / bar near you!!!!!! 

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